Prefabrication Facilities
After several years of continuous industry growth, dB Broadcast expanded once again in 2007 and moved into a third new building at its purpose-built headquarters in Cambridgeshire. dB now has some 22,000 square feet of space for prefabrication and test.

As the timescale for the completion of contracts becomes more and more compressed, the ability to prefabricate and test, while building work is carried out at customers’ sites, is increasingly vital.

dB is also finding that, in order to meet customers’ requirements for a quick turnaround, we need a large amount of space to hold stock of bulky items, such as racks, which are typically on 4-8 weeks lead time. Some systems have to be turned out in less time than this, so at any given time we now have a selection of racks in stock.

dB prefer having different factory floor areas for different projects.