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Hawkeye IQ

Hawkeye IQ - for switching and monitoring in the IQ Modular range

The Hawkeye IQ modular range is compatible with the Snell IQ modular frame and has been developed to monitor and switch broadcast signals including ASI transport streams.
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Hawkeye - for switching and monitoring all types of broadcast signals

The Hawkeye range of modular products has been developed to monitor and switch all types of broadcast signals including ASI transport streams, SDI video, analogue video & audio and others. The range also includes DVB-S and DVB-T/T2 receivers.
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MERlin - DVB-T2 and DVB-T monitoring receiver

MERlin is a self-contained receiver for continuous off-air demodulation and monitoring of DVB-T2 and DVB-T signals.
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Showman - multi-standard analogue TV receiver/demodulator

The Showman 1000 Off Air Receiver from dB Broadcast is a multi-standard analogue TV demodulator for professional broadcast applications and is capable of receiving RF signals from most terrestrial or cable analogue broadcast TV standards.
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Cardinal - range of mains distribution units (MDUs)

The Cardinal range of intelligent mains distribution units provide 12 separate outputs, an SNMP interface, email messaging, choice of single or dual inputs and optional temperature sensing, all in 1RU.
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Special Products

Special Products - to customer’s specifications

dB designs and manufactures custom units. These can be fully designed by dB or may incorporate a customer’s existing circuit design.
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