December 2019

dB Broadcast has improved its business processes by installing an advanced workforce management system to track personnel working time and attendance on a project. To capture working hours accurately, we have installed Accutouch Biometric Time & Attendance terminals at various sites.

Replacing the manual systems that had become unwieldy as dB Broadcast has grown so quickly, the real-time data collection provides visibility on a project by project basis. This means that managers can quickly make better informed decisions, eliminating lengthy analysis and over spending.

All employees and contractors use the new system. There are logging in points at dB Broadcast and onsite for major projects. For other cases, logging is done through a mobile app. “The system logs the time spent on each project, and also manages personnel records such as holidays and sick leave.” says Tom Swan, Sales and Marketing Director. “It also records who is at dB Broadcast at any moment for fire safety purposes. From a customer point of view it allows us to provide accurate and detailed reports on project progress.”

“The new system means that we’ve been able to expand our commercial offering to our clients to include project financial risk sharing through the reporting of real-time clocking and activity records by project.” says Ross Amory, Finance Director.