dB Listed in Tech 100 Track

David Bird and dB Broadcast have been featured in the E2E Tech 100 track 2024 published in The Independent online yesterday. Appearing at number eight in the ranking, which was based on turnover growth, dB was noted for its ‘completion of hundreds of installations worldwide, becoming the largest independent UK-based system integrator’.

The listing recognises those business leaders and companies contributing to the UK economy. Each company was selected based on independent research undertaken, and companies cannot self-nominate or be nominated.



dB Broadcast Supports Expedition and Implements Sustainability Measures

dB Broadcast Supports Expedition and Implements Sustainability Measures

dB Broadcast actively seeks to invest in sustainable technologies, and to promote sustainable business practices. This spans both our own facilities and is a core concern during the design and implementation of systems for our clients.

Over the past year we have worked with an external consultant to review our sustainability approach. This work has delivered an updated company policy, targets, measures and actions to recognise and reduce our environmental impact, and provide transparency through our engagement in the global Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). This builds upon our wider sustainability initiatives which have seen a 100kW solar PV array installed, producing around a quarter of our annual facilities’ energy consumption. Furthermore, our Data Centre utilises an ‘evaporative’ cooling system to reduce our energy use and our carbon footprint.

On top of these initiatives, we are also thrilled to announce that we are sponsoring Mark Wood on his epic Solo 100 expedition in March 2024. Solo 100 begins when Mark will head out into the Arctic for 100 days on a 2000km science-based expedition. His mission is to document climate change in real time, to inspire people to re-connect with the environment and to educate us all on the need for modern day exploration. Expedition Solo 100 is a test of human endurance like no other. No human has ever been alone in the Arctic for so long.

Mark recently wrote to dB’s Founder David Bird to say…

“Hi David, I am just a few weeks away from heading north to a small Inuit settlement along the northwest passage called Resolute Bay – home to Inuit people who are thousands of miles away from the human race in a location that is set in snow and ice. Here I will prepare and train for my 100 days solo expedition across the last remaining sea – an area half the size of Europe with a total population of 300 people and over 25,000 polar bears.

The reason is to collate pure ice samples for leading climate research scientists to understand possible contamination. The expedition is being filmed by myself for a major documentary we have been developing over the past six years. Each day I will communicate through a podcast from the edge of the world (flat earth believers don’t get too excited when I write edge!!!) 

This will be my toughest journey over a 20 year career in a freezer, and each day leading to this all I can think about is stepping off the small plane in the Arctic Ocean to be alone for the 100 days. I’m in fear of the journey but this will keep me sharp and focused. 

My thanks go to people who believe in me and my journey – so thank you David and all of you for allowing me to pursue my passion in the name of science. 


Each month we plan to post an update on Mark’s expedition, and we hope you will be as excited as we are to follow his courageous journey, and spread the word about his progress and achievements, giving him as much exposure and support as we possibly can.

If you’re eager to know more about Solo 100, please check the website: www.expeditionsolo100.com




dB Broadcast Empowers ITV Studios with Innovative Starlink Solution

dB Broadcast Empowers ITV Studios with Innovative Starlink Solution

dB Broadcast Ltd was approached by ITV Studios to help them realise the opportunity they had to make Starlink a truly viable production tool, allowing live content to be streamed back for contribution, and giving production teams access to tools, email and file transfer workflows whilst in the field.

One of the major challenges was powering the kit in ad hoc locations and providing resilient data links, so dB Broadcast designed a single case solution that allows a Starlink terminal to be powered from batteries, mains, external 12v DC (such as a vehicle) or solar. In good sunshine, the kit is entirely self-sustaining making it extremely environmentally friendly. The system also includes a bonded 4/5G access point to provide resilient connectivity if available.

The kits have been used to support ITV Studios teams on location by providing much needed data connectivity on both lives and pre-records from Australia to Alaska, and they continue to be in constant demand.

Tim Guilder, Head of Technology ITV Studios commented: “We gave dB the challenge of coming up with a robust workable solution, and they haven’t disappointed. These kits have the potential to allow our production team to work effectively everywhere and anywhere, and are totally green as well!”.

The project’s success has been recognised by the Broadcast Tech Innovation Awards 2023, where ITV Studios and dB Broadcast won the Best Innovation Project category at a ceremony on 29th November 2023.

dB Takes Further Step to Reducing Carbon Footprint

dB Takes Further Step to Reducing Carbon Footprint

We’re delighted to have completed installation of a new ‘evaporative’ cooling system in our Racks Room to reduce our energy use, and also to lower the carbon footprint associated with the existing air conditioning system, which remains as part of the overall solution.

Graham Pearl – Operations Director says: “Our recently installed Evap cooling system has been set up as the default system, and the aircon system kicks in only when it needs to, i.e. when the room cannot be held below 28⁰C. This is an automatic changeover, and after six hours hands back to the evaporative system. During the summer, it is set to extract more air through the fan to the outside, but in the winter, we can turn the extract fan down and turn up the fans that feed warm air into the warehouse.”

Using Carbon Trust approved software, carbon savings from the new system have been projected at up to 200+ tonnes over five years.