dB installed the broadcast system and audio visual facilities for the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague. The project involved designing, installing and commissioning a full broadcast solution for new state of the art courtrooms, incorporating the latest high definition broadcast technology.

Broadcast quality is a key criterion for the ICC, as the courts handle very high profile cases, and the ICC is called upon to provide broadcast feeds to many of the world’s largest international broadcasters. dB has a proven track record and expertise in remote controlled camera systems where high end broadcast quality video pictures are required.

Automation of the system is critical because the ICC broadcast system is operated by a small Audio Visual Production Team.

There are three court rooms in the new Court Tower central building, and each of these has facilities for recording all court proceedings, and for providing high quality broadcast feeds to international broadcasters such as the BBC, CNN and Sky.

The project also included the supply of one control room per court room, audio visual facilities on all delegate desks and translator booths. A press briefing room can accommodate up to 168 journalists.

dB has provided a highly resilient system on which the ICC can depend for its official records of proceedings and content published for broadcasters.