dB Broadcast won a very large contract to build a totally new TV station in a purpose-built complex located in the heart of Amman, Kingdom of Jordan. ATV was the first independent TV channel in Jordan, operating on-air 24 hours a day, seven days a week, broadcasting a mixture of entertainment, and regional and international news.

dB was responsible for the full technical infrastructure of the new station. David Bird, Managing Director, managed the project on behalf of the company and also provided support to the architects and builders. The facility is located in one custom building and includes three studios, edit suites, newsroom and playout areas, all taking advantage of the latest technology.

At the heart of the transmission system are Harris Nexio servers, Pebble Beach automation system, Sony PetaSite robotic tape library and Quartz master control. The newsroom was equipped with more than 60 ENPS workstations.

High end craft editing is performed on VelocityQ non-linear editors, and the studios were equipped with Sony BVP-E30 cameras, Ross Synergy 3 mixers and Calrec Zeta digital audio consoles.