The dB Broadcast team loves the challenge of difficult technical problems. After all, today’s complex technical challenges lead to tomorrow’s exceptional developments.

When suitable off-the-shelf products don’t yet exist, dB Broadcast can design and supply custom units, designed and built to overcome current and future problems.

The MERlin DVB-T2 monitoring receiver is a classic example. When the UK adopted the DVB-T2 standard during the UK digital switch over programme, a need was identified for enhanced monitoring at 800 transmission relay sites across the British Isles. No existing product had the right features and so dB created MERlin, a self-contained receiver for continuous off-air demodulation and monitoring of DVB-T2 and DVB-T signals.  Its high reliability means that the unit continues to lead the UK market today.

It’s all part of the service, and the way we build long-term relationships.