S3 Satsio

The S3 Satsio antenna tracking and pointing system is designed to operate with smaller antenna systems, delivering accurate, reliable and flexible tracking, even in hostile environments, and cost effectively.

For inclined orbit satellites, the NORAD tracking used by Satsio means that smaller antennas can be used with less expensive receive systems than traditional solutions. The addition of a polarisation drive turns Satsio into a cost-effective motorisation system for ‘Cherry Picking’ and to provide resilience to groups of fixed TVRO antennas. By maintaining optimum pointing, Satsio provides a solution to edge of coverage applications too.

The innovative mechanical design and advanced software address the key challenges of satellite tracking, and are believed to make Satsio the most accurate and flexible small antenna tracking and pointing system on the market.

Antenna control is provided via a front panel, a web server and a full RM&C protocol/SNMP MIBs which can be combined with the S3 Fiesta monitoring and control software provide a complete solution to antenna management. Two levels of web access security reduce operator error and a ‘favourites’ feature allows easy access to commonly used satellites.

Just a few of the many features of S3 Satsio include:

  • 16-bit absolute optical encoding with no ‘indexing’ required on power up
  • Truly horizontal and orthogonal movement provides accurate pointing
  • Supports dishes from 1.2m up to 3.8m diameter from the world’s leading manufacturers
  • Web based monitoring and control with full M&C protocol/MIBs for NMS integration
  • Reduced manual input and lower lifetime cost
  • Support for both GEO and MEO applications including inclined orbit and edge of coverage.

S3 Fiesta

The S3 ‘Fiesta’ monitoring and control system acts as the ‘glue’ joining together the various elements of an Earth Station installation. It has a user-friendly, mimic-based, graphical display with drivers available for many common Earth Station components.

The S3 FIESTA software offers:

  • Flexible communication between client and earth stations
  • Compatible with a wide range of interfaces (RS232, TCP/IP etc.)
  • Multiple security levels with customisable control access
  • Multiple alarms customisable by parameter, severity and alert method
  • Intuitive graphical display with drill-down to less used functions
  • Comprehensive event logging and trend analysis
  • Macros and scheduler to automate common functions or configurations

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