December 2017

dB Broadcast is working on a new world-class broadcast facility for BBC Wales.

This project will provide the TV and media facilities at a new state-of-the-art broadcast centre. This is a landmark project as it will be the first BBC facility to use Internet Protocol (IP) technology across both its production and broadcast operations.

The new BBC Wales building will include a number of TV Studios and Media Production facilities, as well as radio which forms a separate project. dB Broadcast won this major integration project through a competitive tendering process, and will complete the work in 2019. dB and BBC Wales are working with Canadian company Grass Valley on the implementation of the Live IP system.

This project includes four workstreams: Broadcast Infrastructure, Media Production, TV Studios and TV Playout. The BBC Wales project is adopting an IP core for signal routing based on the SMPTE 2110 standards and AMWA/NMOS for Control.

The new BBC Wales building in the centre of Cardiff is more efficient and effective than its current home in Llandaff, and the new technology deployed is able to adapt quickly to new video formats, higher bandwidth or better video resolution. It also offers simpler production for multiple and new platforms, with less time wasted converting between different video or audio formats.

“This new centre will give us a greater level of creative freedom than we’ve ever had before”, said Gareth Powell, Chief Operating Officer of BBC Wales. “We want to harness the benefits of IP technology to provide the best possible tools to our content makers, and to free them from many of the historical constraints we’ve faced at our current HQ.”