March 2020

Dear clients, partners, suppliers and all associated with dB Broadcast.

During this very difficult time, we are doing our utmost both to protect our employees, and to offer the best continuity of service to our clients.

Wherever possible, our staff will be working from their home base, connected to the dB Broadcast server and administration systems by a secure VPN. Several years ago we moved our email systems to the cloud, and so staff can access their mail at any location using laptops and mobile devices. We are maintaining a reduced staff at dB, including system wiremen, to continue with the prefabrication of systems. We also continue to manufacture and test the company’s products including the Cardinal iMDU range.

We continue to offer support for our clients’ systems, and wherever possible will do that remotely, but we continue to work on site for business critical clients in the UK and in Europe. Any on-site arrangements will require prior approval.

We are keeping our staff fully up to date with the rapidly changing advice coming from government and health organisations.

If you have any queries, please contact us at the normal office number, or through your Project Manager or Programme Manager by email or phone.

Take care, stay safe and healthy.

dB Broadcast Directors