September 2014

BBC News viewers can now enjoy higher quality live interviews from around the country thanks to a new system of ‘single camera’ interview facilities supplied by dB Broadcast. Designed for one-person operation, the new facilities allow interviews to be carried out rapidly and without the need for full camera crews or studios to be on standby.

Seven systems have recently been supplied for the south of England: in Oxford, Bristol, Southampton, Nottingham, Norwich, Tunbridge Wells and Plymouth. Typically the single camera positions are used when local dignitaries are interviewed, and this can happen several times a week at each location, depending on the news stories being covered.

Despite being simple to operate by non-technical reporters, the new systems do not compromise on quality or facilities:  HD and SD are supported along with remote pan and tilt, blue and green switchable chroma key light ring and a low energy lighting system. The system is completely under BNCS control.

“Having these single-operator studio camera facilities on hand and ready to go at short notice gives the broadcaster a fast and economical way to create quality news reports and interviews”, said Tom Swan, Sales and Marketing Director at dB Broadcast. “These seven camera Newsroom systems follow similar facilities supplied to the BBC for use in London at New Broadcasting House and Westminster.”