December 2014

dB Broadcast is supplying its Cardinal intelligent Mains Distribution Unit (iMDU) for the UK roll out of DAB transmitter systems, now under way and managed by Arqiva.  Adoption of the Cardinal iMDU as standard equipment was made by Arqiva after a detailed design and evaluation exercise.

The Cardinal iMDU was selected for its ability to change over between mains supply and uninterruptable (UPS) supplies in the event of a power outage at remote unmanned sites. An additional valuable benefit is the ability to switch off non-essential devices selectively after a user configurable delay in the event of a mains supply failure. This feature enables essential equipment to be powered for longer by prolonging the UPS battery life.

The DAB roll out is already in progress, having started early in 2014 and planned to run for another year. DAB transmitter sites are widely distributed in sometimes inhospitable locations, making autonomous operation essential. These are also challenging EMC environments due to their proximity to high power broadcast transmitters, and the Cardinal iMDU has been designed for EMC immunity EN55103 category E5: ‘Heavy industrial environment and environments close to broadcast transmitters’.

Other unique features of the Cardinal iMDU that were utilised as part of Arqiva’s system design include use of the iMDU as a GPI-to-Ethernet interface for telemetry, and its external temperature and humidity sensing for environmental monitoring of the DAB transmitter equipment rack.

Tom Swan, Sales & Marketing Director of dB Broadcast said: “We introduced the Cardinal iMDU in 2010 for just such high reliability applications as the DAB rollout. Its robust design is unique, and features include handling inrush currents of up to 200A at switch on combined with sophisticated features such as web user interface, full SNMP control and alarming plus e-mail alert messaging.”

dB’s Cardinal iMDU provides a comprehensive solution for remote control and management of power distribution to a wide range of broadcast equipment.